standing. still.

“I need you. I’m scared”
4:23 a.m.

jolted awake, I had run
all the way here

not exactly dressed for the cold.

where was he?

A mix of worry
and irritation formed

inside here,

as hot breath condensed
at the touch of icy air

out there.

Some kind of joke?
Standing me up on the corner like this?

Looking like I’m waiting to pick up
my last trick of the night.

5:09 a.m. – too late
~ or early ~
for that.

Or so I suppose.

Now I’m just pissed
and sure I’m getting played.

“I need you. I’m scared”

If he shows now,
not sure how much comfort I will be.


Always With The Drama, This One.

I should still be in bed.

Yet here I am.
Out in the cold.


Still. Standing.

I look down at my phone
to check the time

and notice the red…

Damn it.

I sure hope he’s ok.


This week let’s explore something Unsent,  or seek something else to inspire you in this time exposure photograph of a bus driving through an intersection in Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Pic and a Word Challenge is (usually) a weekly creativity prompt offered Mondays.


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