Sonnet XXV – better love for you

’tis time to read a sonnet – like or not;
remember that I write for me, not you.
and so I write the form today I’ve got;
of course, I’m pleased if you find value, too.
self-care has now become primary aim;
sounds selfish when you’re waiting for my love,
but better love for you when I’m not tame.
I find my fit is better – hand in glove,
now that I live a life that defies name.
you’ll find e’er long the end defies the means;
I can’t explain, and yet I know ’tis true.
no more turn I the crank of life’s machines,
but when I turn my own, mine turn for you.
when I focus on myself, not others,
the benefits flow to sons and mothers.

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