Out there is a world
I can choose to inhabit;
Where they all call me sexualdread.
What’s in a name?
Please, imagine away,
And just think what that might mean in bed.


Yes, I’ve gone there, I did it;
Are you quite surprised?
Good – on some days it’s shock that I’m after.
Not to scare you for fun;
That would be immature,
More to make you fall over with laughter?

Yes, I’m all about fun –
Does that give you some pause?
This is not the same boy you had known;
For I’d lived to make sure
no one EVER had care
To think I might their secrets have blown.

See, it’s not just MY secrets
I’ve kept locked up tight;
It seems I’ve been made to hold others’.
Well, I’m letting them go,
Free to run where they will,
What will secrets do, given their druthers?

Well, I guess we’ll find out,
For I’m running full steam;
I can feel the fright some of you strangle.
It’s not sexualdread,
No, that’s my fear to loosen;
You’ve got something else with which to tangle.

What’s he talking about?
(yes, I’m being quite cryptic)
but I write with no malice aforethought;
I’m just peeling more layers,
Still searching for core,
‘Til one day I will finally dread not.

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