Not Near Enough

The prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “near/far.” Use “near,” use “far,” use them both if you’d like. In fact, if you start your post with one and end with the other, you get bonus points! Enjoy!


26 DAYS :   09 HOURS :   24 MINUTES :   12 SECONDS

Time is such a crazy thing. Let’s take 2020 (and most of 2021 so far). Some days, it feels like it’s been a decade of quarantining, masking, home-based schooling, and absolute insanity.

Absolute. Insanity.

Other times, it seems like these 18 months have been a fart in the wind.


As in, :”Holy crap! It’s already September! Where did this year go?”

Actually, it’s more like March to November of 2020 lasted 10 years, and since then, it’s flown too quickly to follow.


Just like:

 26 DAYS :   09 HOURS :   24 MINUTES :   12 SECONDS

That’s the countdown until my boyfriend arrives.

That’s right. BOYFRIEND.

We started the countdown (because masochists) around 90 days, and to be honest, the time has flown.

I now have every certainty that the remaining 26 days will last…

about 10 years.

Or not.

It’s all about perception. There are 60 seconds in a minute no matter what is going on, yet what you are waiting for, what you are enjoying, or what you are enduring, have a way of psychically stretching or compressing each of those minutes.

And most times, we have very little control of that perception.

Our brains secretly hate us, you know.

Sometimes you can outsmart your brain (outdumb your brain?) by filling your time with STUFF. You know, get arrested, get fired, look for work… yeah, that works.

I recommend less drastic “stuff”, but you get the idea. Fill the time, preferably with more than you can possibly get done, and just WATCH that fucking time fly.


He (my boyfriend) has a new job and two busy weekends between now and then, and then BAM, it will be here.

For him.

I’m trying to find a job and live without a paycheck. Think that same 26 days will pass as quickly for me?

Well, we can always hope.

In the meantime,

 26 DAYS :   09 HOURS :   24 MINUTES :   12 SECONDS





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