don’t even try (the cult)

n.b. I rarely suggest “help” for your reading enjoyment and/or understanding, but I’ve set this page to auto-play an audio reading of the poem because many found the metrical changes difficult to navigate. I LOVE the metrical mix-ups, though, so I’m not changing them to ease readability… I’m also interested in being as accessible as possible – and audio seems like a good next step… don’t even try making sense of it.


Audio Recording Read by the Author

Don’t ever think
unless MY think you think.

Methinks if you drink
from the well of Your Soul
you will die an inglorious Death.

instead, Trust My safe, bottled
drink of clear thinking…

don’t even try making sense of it.

And don’t even dream
you’ll depart

you’re so fucked

that sort of thing just won’t happen here.

like the Eagles once told us,
check in when you like –
but you can never leave.

don’t even try making sense of it.

It seems that your heart
is still set upon leaving
didn’t you see what I Wrote?

what is this – Thinking?

go and try it – you’ll see
you will not hear from Me
separated you’ll be
and I think it’s beyond
what the strongest can bear.

I’m so certain and smug
you’ll be back for My love
once returned you’ll be flogged
and be grateful to Me
that you’re here to feel flogging at all…

don’t even try making sense of it.

flogging finds freedom for penitent persons
far from the paeans of pacifists.
don’t believe me?
the doubt on your face is betrayal,
attend to your studies, my friend.

My “inspired manifesto”
is there – black and white.
actually blue’s now the color of True
black ink no longer in inkwells for you
you’ll see just why on page 432

then you will see – you’ll believe Me and Trust…
don’t even try making sense of it.

Trust in Me is the thing that will Work here –
not your Self,
not your God,
I control them.
I am the only one Safe to believe,
questions just make it
to cleave.

there’s more you will see
than just what meets the eye
in the life-giving depths
of my enlightened brain.

but you have to get deeper before you’re allowed –
full access you’ll find when you Truly believe.

you’ll see how a full-featured follower benefits;
riches new converts don’t even dare dream
and so you will dig – way down deep, deeper still…
don’t even try making sense of it.

your “family of origin” will not approve –
that’s one of the signs that you’re right.
My uncanny grasp of intangible Truths
will confound those with questioning minds.

your brothers and sisters – your moms and your dads
only wish they could know
what you know that they don’t
disapproval – their flag of pure jealousy.

REALLY they’re wanting what you now possess
ones who can’t grasp at once
just cut them off…
don’t even try making sense of it.

speaking of sense,
we must now address Sex
yes, indeed, that is always a part.

I withhold it from you, as you block feelings true;
gives Me total control of your Soul.

intercourse messes with Unity
your loyalties skew if you have it
true Freedom is found when your flesh you deny,
unless the sex happens with Me.

the day when that happens
most honored you’ll be
for then I will own you complete
full immersion – descending the deepliest depths…
don’t even try making sense of it.

You’ll hear others out there
making claims on the Truth
don’t believe Them –
deny what you see.

I have the insights
They never will grasp
God gave Revelation to ME.

now I choose sharing with you –
please be grateful;
each morsel you eat will sustain.
if it pleases you now, I would ask you to try
and then try again, try again, try til you die,
or keep trying
until you’re tried out.

then you will find True Renewal in Me
not in the Ones who claim otherwise
they’ve bought into Lies
you must not ever fathom…

don’t even try making sense of it.

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